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The Essence of Sage-ing
  • Nourishing ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and...
  • Acquiring the skills for working on the inside, and...
  • Giving a real hearing to our inner voices, and...
  • Engaging in life review and life repair
  • Dealing with life completion and coming to terms with our own mortality, and...
  • Leaving a non-financial legacy to future generations, and...
  • Doing this nobly; in connection with our inner, actualized self.
Sage-ing Values


  • Sage-ing is uplifting to elders.

  • Sage-ing embraces all of the aspects of aging.

  • The topics used are springboards for elders to reflect on their experiences.

  • Sage-ing is a holistic program; it integrates mind/body/spirit.

  • Sage-ing creates community among participants.

- Chas. James

Sage-ing Will Benefit:


  • Anyone in or approaching the second half of their life and seeking a more meaningful path for these elder years

  • Anyone willing to face the challenges and opportunities of growing older

  • Anyone caring for aging parents

  • Professionals working with the aging population

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